Fine Art
by Aline de Leandro

Fine Art                     

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If you have a moment, I would like to invite you to have a look around my site.  You may note that my palette features bold vibrant colours which I use to depict mainly figurative works, as I find the human form very appealing.   I feel people and their expressions always tell a story.

Love, family, friendship, humour, happiness and the environment are topics that I find myself painting.  Through these paintings I try to depict kinship, warmth, gentleness, innocence and humanity - much of which I feel are lacking in our world today.  I want my paintings to allow us to believe that these qualities are still within us. 

I believe that when you look at a painting it should raise your spirit to a higher plane; just as a stirring piece of music can transport you to another dimension.

There are many issues in the world that 'interest' me: The Japanese whale hunt in the Southern Ocean and the slaughter of dolphins at Taiji Cove, Japan; the thinning of the ice caps; hunger and poverty; animal abuse; and cruelty of any kind.

I hope you enjoy your tour.

Thank you for your time and happy browsing.